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We don't Recycle
We regenerate

Alma Green is the first fully integrated process for carpets for exhibitions to use 100% recyclable materials, reducing the environmental impact of your event to the minimum.

Alma Green - 100% Recyclable Carpet System for Events

Purposes of the Alma Green Recycling Process


100% polypropylene materials easy to identify, thanks to the Alma Green trademark.

Chemical Analysis

Our components are polypropylene-compatible, 100% recyclable.

Technical Polymers

Our products use polymers that produce maximum performance from a lower use of materials.

Recycling Process

Our internal recycling process allows us to regenerate our products for new uses.

Recyclable Carpet products

Climate Change Index IGP100

0 %

of Water Resources

0 %

Impoverishment of Non-Renewable Resources

0 %

Environmental Impact of the alma green recycling process

Analysis and comparison of the respective environmental impacts of Alma Green and a generic product demonstrate that the Alma regeneration process consumes significantly lower quantities of natural resources.

A comparative Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of our renewed industrial policy allowed us to understand the positive environmental impact of the Alma Green project.

Quality, Service and innovation

Alma SpA is a world leader in the production of carpets for exhibitions and commercial spaces. Over the last 5 years, Alma has invested heavily to ensure a sustainable industrial process that reduces environmental impacts.

Alma Spa - Carpets
Alma Green Brochure

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